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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 3rd August 2015 to 9th August 2015

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Most of you show a week that WILL 'test your nerves' but for the most part, outside of having to spend too much the 5th to 7th, you appear to do rather well. Sun exposure continues to be THE biggest health risk and back injuries the greatest hassle, especially through sports or 'foolish lifting'. Remember to do things 'in keeping with your AGE group' and you should be fine but EVERYONE needs fluid; no matter the AGE.


A great week with excellent cooperation in love; right up to the 7th and then... SPLAT... you hit a wall... a wall that is solid and terminal, especially IF you make the mistake of having finances in any form become part of ANY equation from simple to complex and bring up OLD money issues: a sure way to END things before they begin. Lions who are on the hunt, should not even allow money to be part of ANY introduction discussions. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


There are likely to be MANY times this week where pals come in REAL handy; as in 'save your butt, big time' handy and you may be forced to draw from your network 'over and over' but you have to remember, Mr./Ms. PRIDE... that pals LOVE a chance to be of service and you being 'needy' is something they see SO SELDOM...! Give them a break and 'throw them a bone' this week and do yourself a favor at the same time and ASK for help!


This can start out a VERY constructive week and MOVE into challenges faster than you can 'shake a stick' at them. Some of you will elect to 'just throw money' at it, especially the 5/6th while others of you will 'throw your weight' around, call in favors or make 'threats' to get things where you want them. It may be better to 'bargain' and 'settle' than threaten near the 7th however. Take the money and run!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to get your point across. Work diligently on projects requiring fine detail. Avoid peers who want to get you involved in their personal dilemmas. You may want to help them, however you may get blamed for the outcome. You will learn more if you listen. Someone you know well will reveal information pertinent to your professional future. New friendships will develop through activities that include large groups. Move quickly if you see an opportunity to advance. Your timing must be impeccable. Don't hesitate to take that business trip you've been thinking about. The time to make deals is now. Lucky Numbers: 37, 38, 40, 44, 45, 48 Read more...