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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 26th September 2016 to 2nd October 2016

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


A cross-section of you may encounter difficult levels of cooperation and challenges over issues like discipline, behavior, spending and decision-making appear likely the 26th into the 27th. Distractions, interruptions and other types of annoyances appear likely the 28th into 29th for a cross-section of you. Health issues, fitness, nutrition or other types of medical expense may also dip into your budget between the 27th and 29th. Much appears to change drastically after the 30th and the 1st and 2nd appear very enjoyable.


Termination energy 'threat' or at the very least serious problems do appear likely the 26th and 27th and differences over behavior, honesty, discipline of youth and other types of interference through in-laws, siblings or extended family members could contribute to the problems indicated. For single Lions, this can be an excellent week as indications are the 27th and 30th - 3rd are excellent hunting grounds for long-term solid relationship status with promising returns. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Ascertaining that you are able to be free from the encumbrances of the responsibilities from both career and personal life before committing to leisure activities or hobbies with pills would be a good idea, particularly the 26th and 27th and again the 29th. New friends, networking opportunities and other types of enjoyable gatherings are indicated the 30th to 2nd.


Indications this week maybe that you have problems with power structure, particularly that which is above that above you. The more distance, space or people between you and other power figures the more likely the problem. Others being absent that, especially due to illness also appears to be a contributing factor, particularly the 28th and 29th. Decision making me go on behind the scenes and being left out of the loop is something that will really short and your fuse, particularly the 26th and or again the 29th. Drastic improvements are indicated the 30th

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your desire for leadership. Personal recognition for your efforts and absolute control over your own affairs is very strong now. You are very competitive in business affairs and business and you aggressively present your concerns and interests to colleagues and superiors. Anger over an inability to be first or to be on top, is quite possible, but you won't take it lying down, you are ready to fight if necessary in order to forge ahead! If you are a writer, teacher, student, or involved in any intellectual work, this is a positive time for you, ideas flow and it is easier than usual to express your thoughts. Also, this is a good time for buying, selling, negotiating, and communications of all kinds. Lucky Numbers: 16, 19, 28, 38, 43, 47 Read more...