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Leo Weekly Horoscope for Leo

Week of 29th June 2015 to 5th July 2015

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Forecast:


Aggression within the ranks is likely early in the week, particularly if you have other Lions, Aries, Sagittarius or Gemini in the family group, particularly doubles or triples. Practical spending appears likely near the 1st to 3rd but it is the propensity for 'conflict' over discipline, decisions or dictations the 4/5th that carry the potential for any 'internal strife.' Happy spouse, happy life. A long talk near the 2nd and again early on the 4th may fix that 'well into place.'


Romance is one of THE shinning stars this week and even long time 'alone or single' Lions may find anything from a 'rude interruption' or insulting pass to an "I can't believe my luck" stunner. Paired Lions MUST get all their 'ducks in a row' BEFORE the 3rd into 4th as it MAY bring with it, some slight 'agitation' neither of you need. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Oh I hope you have vacation plans for the weekend! WHAT fun you will have. Traveling the 29th to 1st is likely in both personal AND career lives this week and some Lions do BOTH! Good for you! IF you are visiting someone close to your sex, age and life style, depend upon them to provide the extras you may need. It's great when pants, shirts, shoes or sporting gear works for both of you the same size and way! No travel hassle!


MANY of you are 'hot to trot' this week and are managing atom splitting energy the 29th to 1st and IF 'well directed' the world may indeed 'be your oyster.' Many of you WILL land jobs, get raise, praise, power or better conditions... some of you may even have a nemesis or two removed from your environment; inanimate objects or persons. Even your path to work may now finally become less of a hassle and you'll GET there faster!

General Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your need to deal with emotional situations quickly and get back to doing the things you enjoy most. You will be emotional about a family problem. You will need to examine your motives. Get out and have some fun. You are energetic, inquisitive and inventive. You will surprise everyone around you with your creative approach to whatever you do as well as your carefully thought-out questions. You will always be asking who, where, why and when. You need to spend time with close friends. Be sure that you are getting involved in new projects because you believe in them and not because someone else is joining them. Your interest in a moneymaking opportunity looks prosperous as long as you do your homework. Your curiosity will force you to do some research. Lucky Numbers: 14, 19, 29, 32, 36, 43 Read more...